penomet gaitersPenomet is the only hydropump to have interchangeable gaiters, making Penomet the first fully upgradable penis pump- ever.  The gaiters are numbered and colored based on the strength of vacuum each creates;

  • Force 60
  • Force 65
  • Force 70
  • Force 75
  • Force 80

Penomet gaiters are made of medical grade silicone, and must be cleaned using a special agent called Gun Oil Shine.  It requires no water by design, since exposure to water and regular dish soap can degrade the quality of the silicone.  The color coding is just for differentiation, red being the strongest.

Benefit of Interchangeable Gaiters

Changing the suction force of the penis pump without having to own multiple pumps is nice, especially for people who make use of the routines Penomet offers.  However the major benefit for most guys will be the ability to upgrade.