I live in Australia since 1997 when I was licensed as VK4EXA. This call soon changed to VK4NM, and then to VK4DX in May 2000. Prior to Australia I was active from then-YU land from several club stations and with my own call signs 4N4EX and T94CQ. I also lived in Germany in mid-nineties and was active as DL4FMA.

My main interests in this hobby are DXing and contesting. I had several good contest scores on single bands, including a few world #1s in CQWW and WPX contests, but due to family and work commitments I havent been able to seriously participate in any contest in the past few years.

My current QTH in Forest Lake is not very radio friendly so DXing is fairly restricted. Even though I have a multiband vertical and an open-wire-fed 40m delta-loop antenna which can be tuned on all bands, its almost impossible to work anybody from here as the local noise is always close to S-9. Only late at night, when everyones TVs, air-conditioners and computers are off, the bands open up.

Whats left are the mobile/portable operations. Every now and then I pack my gear and drive either to one of the hills around Brisbane, or over to the bay area near the salt water and have a few hours of fun on the radio.

I started with dragging my Icom 756 ProII and wire antennas with me, but Ic 756 was just a no-go. So I have purchased its little brother – Ic 706 and a multiband vertical antenna, and things look much better now. The MA5V antenna fits nicely into the car boot and can be assembled and in action is less than 5 minutes.

Well be moving the house soon and one of the main requirements for the new house purchase will be a radio friendly QTH. Just in time for the new solar cycle.

My other hobbies are photography (Mikes Photo Blog) and Mac computers (SilverMac), and if we share common interests please feel free to visit my other web sites.

73 and see you on air.